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19 Things I Learned by 18

*Originally posted on Medium

Over a month ago, I made the switch from 17 years old to 18 years young. Shortly before turning 18, I compiled a list of 19 things (one extra for good luck) I learned over the years. These are the things I wish I did not have to learn, but rather have someone give me this list… So here it goes:

  1. Your first love should be yourself. Always.
  2. When your friends don’t approve of a boy, listen to them. They’re usually right.
  3. Someone who genuinely cares about you will want to be on good terms with all your friends and family.
  4. Putting all your sad energy into school is the best distraction.
  5. Try not to be mad when people become too busy for you, instead be mad you’re not being productive like they are.
  6. Don’t let someone’s past affect how you treat them in the future.
  7. A lot of people suck, but you don’t and sometimes all you need is yourself.
  8. Your friends will annoy you a lot, but don’t push them away for it. You’re annoying, too.
  9. Listen to your friends’ valuable advice, but make sure to listen to yourself.
  10. People can change, people deserve second chances, but you also deserve to be happy.
  11. A lot can happen in the span of one week. Stop dwelling on the past.
  12. You’re going to disappoint your parents. It’s OK, they will still find a way to look at you like you can do no wrong. They are the only ones to never stop loving you.
  13. You’ll make friends with many different people. Try to never judge them for their differences.
  14. Words are SO important, choose yours wisely. You may impact someone with a simple sentence.
  15. Some days, your confidence will be low. That’s OK, you are still great and you are still talented.
  16. You are never alone. Someone always wants to help you.
  17. Just because you don’t talk to someone anymore, does not mean you have to hate them. People and interests change.
  18. Don’t worry that you look like an idiot. You’re still having fun.
  19. You will be torn with who you want to be and what you want to do. It’s normal and OK. Do what makes you happy but always respect yourself.

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