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Marianna Hallaweh is more than a freelance writer, but a creator. Born and raised in Fairfax, Virginia, Marianna spent most of her days writing about her experiences, creating fictional stories, or producing videos on her computer. Marianna’s passion for writing unearthed a new passion for vulnerability and expression of the truth, which led her to the development of this website. The profession of writing compels Marianna because it allows for the continuous opportunity to honestly share thoughts and beliefs. Her writing ranges from free thoughts, poems, songs, short stories, and short films, although this list is only ever-growing.

More than anything, Marianna aims to resonate with anyone who reads her words. Translating the struggles of her mind onto blank, white paper provides immense relief to Marianna, but ultimately only brings satisfaction when someone can relate to those internal conflicts. As long as her readers feel some emotion from her choice of words or visuals, Marianna feels joy.

If there is anything Marianna Hallaweh knows, it’s how to be impressive, which shows through her writing. Stay connected with Marianna, subscribe to her mailing list, and be sure to check out any material she puts out – she’s bound to stir emotion.