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*Originally posted on Medium.

One of the only guarantees in life, yet generations are finding themselves wasting more and more of it. The obvious uproar of social media has become everyone’s favorite past time, making sure to document every night they decide to go out. Snapchats of the “fun” night surface, as if the user wants you to know they are creating more adventures than you. Jealously can be a deadly emotion.

Saturday night and here I am, writing about my feelings while completing my homework. I tell myself I’ll have time for “fun” when I have a career, but sometimes I wonder if my concept of “fun” coincides with my peers. Drinking, partying, dancing on strangers, chasing highs — all things in which I never found happiness.

For some reason, happiness comes from typing in my math answer and reloading the page to see the green check mark appear. Satisfaction is only achieved during the hours I feel productive and my productivity comes from growing through learning.

Everyone around me seems to be wasting their time and I came to the conclusion that I am so sick of being apart of their fuck around schemes. I’m tired of being around people who care about how they appear to others or who worry about if they have enough money to get high or buy a pack of cigarettes. Perhaps I never started or maybe I just stopped, but I rarely hang around people who are as ambitious as me, therefore I constantly feel as if I’m significantly smarter than all the people with whom I surround myself and it’s deafening.

When I say deafening, I literally mean I cannot hear myself anymore. I have drowned in the personalities of people I have no desire to be. I do not feel, think, or act like everyone else seems to and I guess that only makes me special if I choose to define special in that way.

Time is precious, time is money, time can be taken away in the blink of an eye — all cliches, but what makes a saying trite is the universal truth behind it. I have decided I do not want to waste my time. Next Saturday night are you going to be chasing highs or accepting your lows?


*Just wanted to note that I do not measure intelligence in terms of grades or how much you know on a topic, but rather through how you manage your life and how you spend your time. Smart people make smart decisions, etc.

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